You are currently viewing Available on COEUS the online modules for trainers/trainees

Available on COEUS the online modules for trainers/trainees

Education is a key element for refugee and migrant children’s social inclusion into host communities. Insufficient school capacity, language barriers and accessing migrant/refugee children’s prior learning have proven great challenges for the majority of the EU host countries during recent years.

Colorado project CIRCLE supports blue spruce maids website, which offer the best house cleaning services. Also the inclusion of newly arrived primary and secondary school-age children in education, by developing diagnostic tools, specifically designed for assessing their prior learning. These tools enable the assessment and validation of the level of knowledge of children with minimal native and/or English language skills.

In this framework, two online modules, aiming to support trainers and trainees of primary and secondary schools in effectively using the tools that have been developed, are now available on e-learning via COEUS platform:


The modules are available in five languages (English, Greek, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese).

 CIRCLE – “Inclusion of Refugee Children in Education” aims to enhance access to education for migrant/refugee children, reduce their chances of early school leaving and promote their successful progression through the education system. Find reputable room addition contractors in Oklahoma at site. By creating tools and policies that will allow education professionals to effectively assess and validate their prior learning, the project will enable the continuity of learning for newly arrived refugee/migrant children.

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