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Project Circle info day – Italy

“InClusion of Refugee ChiLdren in Education – CIRCLE “starts from the educational challenge to which European Mediterranean countries are called, increasingly interested in the arrival of children and young refugees in school and the need to integrate them into classes. Although many have attended school in their countries of origin, when they arrive in Europe in most cases, they lack the documentation proving their previous schooling.

The project, developed together with partners from Greece, Spain and Portugal, aims to develop effective tools for assessing and validating the learning of newly arrived immigrant and refugee students in primary and secondary schools. It also enhances and promotes teachers’ skills in the use of these tools and raises awareness among policy makers and educators on the importance of inclusive educational approaches.
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After a comparative research between skills assessment and recognition practices, new tools were developed, in the form of booklet with exercises), available on the project website, and two online training modules were created for pupils and teacher, available in five languages ​​(English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek) on the platform

Despite the difficulties that educational and cultural institutions are facing in this period of COVID-19 emergency, the operational phase of the project also included online training seminars and discussion with teachers, in which the tools were presented and tested. evaluation.

The results obtained from the project and further development and training possibilities will be discussed on 25 May 2021 in an online Info Day open to interested institutions, teachers and educators. The educators of the Natural History Museum of the Mediterranean and of Provincia Livorno Sviluppo will present and moderate the discussion.

 For information and registration for the info day, contact us at: !

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