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Three booklets – for elementary school students

CIRCLE – Project “Inclusion of Refugee Children in Education” aims to support the inclusion of
refugee/migrant children in education and reduce the level of school dropout, by creating innovative
tools that will allow education professionals to effectively assess and validate their prior learning, thus
enabling the continuity of learning of newly arrived refugee/migrant children.
In this context, three booklets – for elementary school students (one book for 8 to 11 years old
and second book for 11 to 13 years old) and for secondary school students (from 13 to 15
years old) – have been created with the aim of helping teachers and educators to assess the prior
knowledge of these children. The booklets are designed to address the challenges and needs faced
by migrant/refugee children, with the minimum skills in the language of the country of origin and/or
English, cultural differences and psychological trauma.
A training for educators (teachers, regional directors, school directors, school counselors/advisors,
etc.) on the use of the project tools will take place on April 23rd, 26th and 28th at Project 12-15
in Amadora. The materials will be presented: their three booklets and their matrices and validation
guides, and an analysis will be made on the issue of interculturality; methodologies and approaches.
The instruments for the evaluation of prior learning will also be analyzed.
I forskellige befolkningsundersøgelser er der udviklet mange specifikke forudsigelser af normotensivt liv, såsom alkoholisme, hepatitis A og specifikke orofekale og fødevarebårne infektioner med forskellige atopier og atopisk dermatitis.
Finally, participants will have
the opportunity to share their experiences, suggestions and feedback for the use of the materials
developed throughout the project.

For more information about the training please contact:

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